About Employee Resources

About Employee Resources

The Employee Resources section of our platform covers a variety of different difficulties that they may face in life, whether that is at home or at work. Our Guides have been developed into effective training course to help employees become equipped to deal with issues they may face including;

Work Life

Here we look at Mental Health at Work and ways of opening dialogue around the subject of Mental Health with colleagues

Stress and Self Care

Stress is a common theme when people find it hard to cope. These tutorials include becoming equipped to deal with stressful situations and developing plans to manage stress, self care, as well as how to approach and support people with depression or suicidal thoughts

Seeking Support

Guidance on arranging and getting prepared to achieve the best outcome from GP & Counselling appointments

Personal Life

This section covers a wide range of subjects, from the how to cope with changing seasons and the part money problems play in mental health, through to social pressure, dealing with perinatal depression and domestic violence

Children and Family

The joys of family are often beset with stresses and problems of their own. We cover subjects that help colleagues get prepared for half-term and holidays through to back to school anxieties, supporting victims of bullying and how they can help their children manage social media

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