Custom Portal Config Form

Custom Portal Configuration Form

Please use this form to provide details for customising your portal

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1. Contact Details

Please tell us your name and how to contact you:

2. Portal Configuration

Explanation on colour areas – click to enlarge



Some Main Colour areas, eg the admin bar at the top of the screen, the video surround etc, also use an additional shading built in to the styles for added depth


The Heading colour changes the colour of all main headings in the content pages, but not the Lesson headers


The use of the accent colour for the scrollbar is only currently supported by the Chrome browser on PCs

Need to convert Pantone to Hex?

If you only have your organisation’s brand guideline colours in Pantone for print, you can find converters online. There is a useful one at

This is where you can tell us the colours you’d like us to use, and upload your logo:

You can refer to the image on the right which explain which colours are used in which area

Tick the box if you want a transparent background (and just leave the colour below as #FFFFFF)

The logo area colour allows for having a different colour behind a TRANSPARENT logo from the header colour. If your logo has a solid colour background, this setting won't apply.

Sets the text colour for items in the main menu - often the same colour as the Main Colour.

Use the accent colour to provide anything from a subtle variation to a high contrast colour on certain areas around the portal.

An extra colour for adding depth to items like button rollover states

The logo will need to be sized to a canvas of 200 pixels wide by 70 pixels high. This can be with a transparent background or a colour background, and of the following file types:
.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .pdf

This is the link in the footer that can connect back to your main website or another site of your choosing such as a support site, employee intranet etc.

Site Decoration

The Site Decoration area, in a similar way to the logo area above, allows for having a background colour behind a TRANSPARENT or TRANSLUCENT image, which then shows through as a combined effect. If your image has a solid colour background, the Site Decoration Colour won't apply.

This Site Decoration element is used in various places across the site, for example on the home and the login pages.

This is a background colour for the decoration area, and works in combination with any transparent or translucent images below to create a colour and texture effect.

3. Web App Configuration

Our Portals are delivered with Progressive Web App (PWA) technology built-in.

As well as making it easier for your users to add the portal on their phones or computers as an app, you will also be ready to benefit from additional enhancements (eg push messaging) as they are introduced.

Web App icon on iPhone and Android phones, and default example web app icon

* Applies to Android devices only - see example

Your icon will need to be on a square canvas 512 pixels wide by 512 pixels high.
This can be with a transparent background* or a colour background, and of the following file types:
.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .pdf

* Use of transparent background applies to Android devices only. At the time of writing iPhones and iPads will apply a solid background colour to the icon when used on the home screen.

This is the wording that appears under the icon on Apple and Android devices

This is the wording that is used on Windows computers and Android phone Splash Screens